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Plumbing Protection Plans

Avoid a disaster when it comes to your home’s plumbing with a Bryant Lincoln’s Plumbing Protection Plan. Our technicians will inspect major plumbing components in your home to ensure you won’t have any surprises. What does our plan cover?

Plumbing Inspections

Flush Water Heater
Clean the Water Heater Burner and or Filter
Check Carbon Monoxide Level on Gas Water Heater
Check Resistance (Ohms) on Electric Water Heater Elements
Inspect All Exposed Drain Piping
Inspect All Exposed Water Piping
Inspect and Leak Check All Toilets
Inspect All Faucets for Leaks
Check Supply Stops for Positive Shut Off
Inspect Lines to All Fixtures
Test Sump Pump
Inspect Garbage Disposal
Inspect Natural Gas or Propane Piping
Inspect Wash Machine Hoses

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