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Tips From Bryant

Fall Maintenance & Furnace Checks

Temperatures have become mild here in Lincoln, NE, football and other fall sports have returned. This can only mean… You guessed it, heating season is on it’s way. Here at Bryant we’ve gotten calls for heating checks and begun performing the heating portion of our Energy Savings Plan (ESP). One cool week and it’s like mother nature sent out an email saying fall and consistently cooler temps are coming soon, get prepared.

Best Time For a Furnace Check

Unlike cooling season there really isn’t a limitation of the work that can be done depending on outdoor temps. Your furnace and heat pump can be fully checked out at any time of the year. With cooling checks the outdoors temperatures need to reach a certain temp to ensure the efficiency of the system for spring and summer is accurately represented.

Check Your Heating When Temperatures Are Cooler

With milder temperatures many homeowners are taking advantage of the prime weather and opening windows. Having HVAC technician test out the furnace or heat pump lessens impact on your comfort. Why? To test the heating components the heat will need to run a technician to ensure your heating unit is ready to efficiently heat your home. Having this service performed earlier in the year can be done, but it doesn’t make sense when the air conditioning is running.

Why is it good to have the furnace checked?

We suggest homeowners have their furnace checked by a trained professional. Seasonal maintenance performed will keep you aware of the state of your heating system. Bryant technicians will check to ensure wiring and electrical components aren’t showing signs of failure. They thoroughly check the heating components and clean the burners so you can be confident your furnace is heating efficiently and your home and family is safe from carbon monoxide (CO) gases.

What Technicians Check During Heating Maintenance

During the furnace maintenance our technicians clean the furnace cabinet as well as check furnace filter. If needed, the filter will be replaced. Do you have a humidifier? It’s a good idea to have it’s operation inspected. We suggest changing the water panel at the beginning of fall. This way you have a clean water panel for heating season.

If you would like to have your furnace or heat pump inspected for proper heating operation call Bryant Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical & Plumbing or complete their contact form to request assistance scheduling a furnace check.