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Common HVAC Problems

When your HVAC contractor comes out for your regularly scheduled AC checkup, they will check for both maintenance issues and any repairs that may need to be made. Here are some common maintenance problems your contractor will check for.

1. Low Coolant

If your AC unit is newer, it likely doesn’t have R-22 in it. However, it still depends on a refrigerant (such as R410A) to help it cool your homes air. If the refrigerant leaks and the levels are low, your unit won’t cool as efficiently. Common signs of coolant leaks are AC that runs constantly or even a frozen up coil.

Low coolant may come from a fast leak caused from recent damage to the system, in which case you will notice a quick change in the cooling the system provides or the unit won’t work at all. But a slow leak is a much more common finding at a maintenance visit.

Slow leaks may occur for a variety of reasons. For example, it could be that a joint or seal has gotten old and deteriorated. Coolant can also
escape when household chemicals buildup on the AC coil producing formic acid, which then corrodes the metal causing small leaks.

2. Low or Blocked Airflow

Your AC unit deals with large quantities of air, which means that it works best when it has unrestricted airflow both in and around the outdoor unit and through the ductwork. One common cause of lowered airflow through the ductwork is clogged air filters. As simple as it is to change many times it gets forgotten or is not changed as often as it should.

It can be hard to determine just when you need to change your AC filters, especially if you don’t think your air seems that dirty. But remember, changing the filter early is better than changing it late. Once dust builds up in the filter, it will actually plug the fibers o fthe filter making it more dense. When this happens the filter will restrict the air flow through your furnace and if left too long can affect it’s operation. In fact a plugged air filter can cause the indoor coil to freeze up.

Common causes for airflow blockage in and around the outdoor unit include vegetation, a unit that’s set too close to the house, or a wooden
fence around or cover over top, or other solid item placed within three feet of the unit.

3. Lubrication Problems

Your AC unit has several parts that may need to be lubricated on a regular basis. For example, the fan in the outdoor unit (also called the
condenser) is a moving part that requires lubrication. If the fan quits working or doesn’t work as well because it hasn’t been lubricated, your air conditioner will have a tougher time cooling your home. Without the fan the unit will struggle to get rid of heat and could cause overheating of the compressor.

4. Clogged Drains

Your AC has a condensate drain that carries water away from your system. This water is formed when humidity from your homes returns air ducts passes over the coil. This is why your AC system has a dehumidifying effect.

If the condensate drain becomes clogged, it can lead to backing up and even water damage in your home. That’s why your AC technician will check the drain to see if it needs to be cleared out.

Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance Lincoln NE | AC contractor Lincoln NE5. Dirty Coils and Debris

A very common problem that reduces efficiency is debris and dirt on and in the condenser unit, especially the coil. Your technician will open the unit up to clean out any leaves or debris and spray off the condenser coil of the outside of the unit.

These are just five common maintenance issues your technician can check for and solve before they become a huge nuisance or cause an
expensive breakdown. If you’re due for a professional checkup and cleaning this month, get in touch with Bryant Air Conditioning, Heating,
Electrical & Plumbing today.