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Your Sewer is Clogged Again

Sewer with roots - Lincoln Nebraska HVAC There is really isn’t much of a seasonality to plumbing, but if there is a time we tend to see an increase in plumbing related issues it would be sewers in the spring. Why? As trees in Lincoln, NE are growing leaves and spreading their branches they are also spreading their roots. Those roots if in the area of your sewer line can cause you a headache. It doesn’t take long for sewer main intrusion by your tree to turn into major trouble.

Sewer Troubles in Lincoln, NE

Tree roots growing in your sewer main will reduce or completely block the flow in the pipe. Before long things like toilet paper will add to the block and you will have an unpleasant surprise in your Lincoln home. Similar issues can happen if your main has a break or collapse in the pipe. Any reduction in the flow of the pipe will have a negative result to the efficiency of your sewer.

What’s Backing Up Your Sewer

If you keep a pretty good account of when you have issues with your sewer you may start to see a pattern. We have customers that seem to call every spring to have their sewer augered or snaked. It might be a pretty good assumption in this case that they have a root issue, especially if there are signs of roots on the tools when they are pulled back out of the sewer.

If you have a history of issues, but no real idea what the issue might be, the blockage is not easily freed, or your plumber doesn’t see any definite signs from when the auger is pulled out, it might be wise to have a camera run down the line.

Sewer Cameras Provide a Clearer Understanding

Using a sewer camera your plumber can find the area of the sewer issue and can better resolve it. If there is damage to the pipe that could not be identified only by feel while running the auger a plumber will be able to locate its exact location and bring the issue to your attention. Bringing it to your attention is important, especially how it is done.

At Bryant we believe in providing you with the whole picture. If our plumbers find damage to your sewer or drains they prefer to show you root of the issue in person. If the homeowner is not available there are ways for our plumbers to provide the footage in a form that you, the homeowner, can review later.

Knowing and seeing the issue is important. This way a discussion of resolution can happen. Our goal at Bryant is to help you resolve your plumbing issues in a way that makes sense for you. Maybe it’s more reasonable for you to call us once a year in the spring and have your sewer snaked. Maybe you’d rather replace the trouble section of your sewer, so you don’t have to deal with it. We get it, although our service plumbers are great, making a date with one of them and your sewer is probably not high on your list of things you love to do.

Bryant Is Here To Help

If you have a sewer or drain issue in the Lincoln, NE area and need a plumber you can trust, we’re here to help. We offer 24 hour service for when your sewer didn’t check in with you and prearrange the blockage. Typically drain issues are more of an emergency situation, so we ask that you call 402-470-8162 for immediate assistance. Otherwise you can complete our online contact form here and we’ll be in touch!