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What Is Staging and How Will Make a Difference?

If you are unfamiliar with the term “staging”, you’re likely unfamiliar with how it can positively affect your comfort level and the energy savings it can provide. The benefits of staging are great, because of this Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems offer staging options for your home in both heating and cooling equipment.


How Does Staging Work In Your Cooling System.

Whether you have an air conditioner or a heat pump there is a compressor that powers the system. Various models of Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems offer compressors that incorporate staging technology. So, how does it work? A staging compressor only works as hard as it really needs. When the thermostat calls for cooling, the compressor will first operate in a low stage. This allows the unit to provide long, even and very efficient cooling runs. If the thermostat’s cooling call continues the system will ramp up to a higher stage to achieve the need.

Why Are Long Air Conditioning Runs Beneficial?

Although it may seem running the system as little as possible would save money, the reality is you will save with lower stages providing longer runs. On top or energy savings, longer efficient heating and cooling runs can increase your comfort. Longer runs allow your system to better provide conditioned air throughout your home, reducing hot and cold spots.

How Do Furnaces Use Staging?

Staging is actually available in both gas and electric furnaces. Gas furnaces stage the gas usage, reducing the amount of natural gas or propane your system uses over time. Electric furnaces, also called fan coils, in some instances have heat elements, or heat package, that can provide several levels of heat. It stands to reason that during warmer heating season months, like early fall, your home would not need nearly as much heat, so staging units require less energy while keep your home comfortable.

Bryant Lincoln Can Help.

Bryant Lincoln is always working to find the right match for our customers’ comfort and budget needs. Our Comfort Specialist are here to show you options that incorporate staging and explain what it can do for your comfort. Schedule your free, no obligation estimate today!

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