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Tips From Bryant

To-Dos for Freezing Temps

As we roll into late fall and see forecasts projecting freezing temps here in Lincoln, NE there are some simple, but important maintenance items to do at your home. As temperatures fall it’s important to ensure your home is ready. Check off these items off your list to make sure you avoid the costly repairs you could face if you don’t.

Outdoor spigot repair and replacement Lincoln NE Remove Hoses from Outdoor Spigots

An important maintenance item for your home’s plumbing when outside temperatures near, or reach freezing, is to remove hoses from you outdoor spigots or hose bibs. When you do so, take time to make sure the faucets completely shutoff and stop water flow. If you find the spigot drips give the plumbers at Bryant a call. It may be a simple repair. With the help of our plumbers it can be repaired before bigger problems arise.

Replace Older Spigots with Frost Free Options

Reduce the worry about freezing water lines with frost free spigots. These options shut the water off farther into the home where temperatures are better controlled. With water shut off farther into the insulted walls of your home, they are less likely to freeze than older spigots. If you are looking to upgrade your spigots give Bryant a call, and ask to speak with one of our plumbers. We offer free estimates for most home projects. Our experienced plumbers are ready to take on your projects and provide an excellent customer experience.

Keep Your Hoses Flexible

To keep your hoses flexible year after year drain any water that might be still in the coiled up hose. Simply unroll hoses across the lawn keeping one end elevated until you’re confident that all water is emptied out. Even better bring hoses inside, out of the elements, for the winter. No matter how durable, no matter the quality of the hose, keeping them protected from the extreme cold will help them last longer.

If you need help with winterizing your home give the plumbing team at Bryant a call, or complete our online contact form.