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Tips From Bryant

Tips For Conserving Water at Home

Lincoln HVAC and Plumbing Service and RepairMarch 22nd happens to be World Water Day. Considering all of us here in Lincoln, Nebraska are doing our part to conserve water since our mayor has issued water restrictions due to the damage the Platte river flooding has done to our city’s water system, it seems like a good time to provide some water saving tips. As plumbers that know a thing or two about water usage, here are the things we think can minimize the effect on your daily life, but really help reduce the amount of water used. Here’s our list:

  1. Turn off the water while washing hands – while you’re scrubbing your hands don’t keep the water on just running down the drain.
  2. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth – Again plenty of time for water to conserve until you need to rinse.
  3. Avoid deep water, bedding and extra rinse cycles or settings on the clothes washer – with today’s water conserving clothes washers you are using less water with each load, but there are certain cycles that override these settings.
  4. Run the clothes washer and dishwasher less – wait until you have a full load to run your washers. Half loads add up to lots of wasted water.
  5. Hand wash dishes – If you are able to fill the kitchen sink once and minimize how much time is used rinsing you can save water.
  6. Use paperware – During our voluntary water conservation request consider using paper plates and cups.
  7. Shorten showers – The average shower uses 2.1 gallons of water per minute.
  8. Skip a shower – With the average 8 minute shower using about 17 gallons of water skipping just one shower a week could make a difference.
  9. Fill your bath less full – The average bath holds around 35-40 gallons of water, do you really need the bath full to get clean?
  10. Fix leaking fixtures – those slow leaks on faucets or toilets add up over time. It may be as easily as replacing a gasket or cartridge on a faucet and a flapper on the toilet, which can be easy fixes.
  11. Refrigerate water – Keep a pitch of water in the refrigerator rather than waiting for the water to turn cold at the faucet.
  12. Install a recirculating pump or point of use water heater – both are ways you can reduce the amount of time you run water just waiting for the water to get hot.
  13. Use hand sanitizer – There are times when sanitizer can do the job, and allow you to wash your hands less.
  14. Choose efficient fixtures and appliances – When possible choose energystar products. washing machines and dishwashers that are energystar approved will save water and electricity. When it comes to fixtures think consider the flow rate on things like faucets and shower heads. How about that toilet? Newer toilets use less water, some have flush options to save even more.
  15. Reduce how much you water your lawn – As wet as our winter was and our spring is starting watering the lawn is not something to worry about, but there will come a time that things will dry out and sprinklers will be running. Water in the mornings and keep a close eye on how long you water and how accurate your sprinklers are to reduce waste.
  16. Use a rain barrel – Utilizing excess rain water later when plants or your lawn need water is a great way to save water.
  17. Think about your landscaping – Choose plants that require less water and choose a mulch or ground cover that will retain moisture, reducing how much watering is needed.

Bryant Can Help

These are a just some things we’ve thought of that can reduce your water consumption on a daily basis. If you have a need for a Lincoln, NE plumber or replacements or repairs Bryant’s plumbers are here to help. Fill out our online contact form or give us a call at 402-470-8162.