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New Versus Used Furnace: What to Consider

New Versus Used Furnace: What to ConsiderIt’s still wintertime, and even though outdoor temperatures will begin to rise, there are still plenty of days to come that your furnace will be running. If your furnace is limping along it may be hard to want to bite that bullet to replace as it seems we’re seeing the light at the end of the winter tunnel. Remember should you consider to limp the furnace along or decide to do a few fixes to get by now, the need for action is only postponed to next fall.

There are somethings in your home that you can find a great deal on a used item. Furniture comes to mind. Maybe someone has a kitchen table that fits exactly what you’re looking for and is considerably less than what new would be. A perfect example of a steal! Installing a used furnace is probably not going to be such a great deal in the long run and here’s why.


Without being a service technician or having a very strong understanding of how your furnace operates and what things to look for as signs of problems the average homeowner has little to no idea of what the condition of the furnace is other than how old is the unit. We’d love to tell everyone that every new furnace install this year, whether by Bryant or anyone else, will last 30 years. We’d most certainly be lying though as there are many things that play into the life of a furnace. Think of this how regular are you at checking your home’s furnace filter? Do you check it monthly, every two months, or once a season? Although it’s a simple task, it is often forgotten and when the filter is clogged it adds stress on a furnace. Not using a good filter can let too much debris into the furnace and plug it up. The bottom line is a furnace that is well maintained will outlast a poorly maintained furnace. Unfortunately how confident can you be in the maintenance of a used furnace?


If you’ve ever received an estimate for your homes heating and cooling, hopefully the estimator did more than just look at home’s square footage. A furnace, and air conditioner for that matter, is sized specifically to cover the area of need. Yes, square footage plays a big part, but there are other things that play into sizing of your heating and cooling equipment. Windows, insulation values are a few factors that play a major role as well and must be considered. Comfort systems must be sized correctly or your comfort, equipment’s lifespan and your wallet could be in danger.

Undersized equipment could cause you to be uncomfortable when you are counting on your furnace and air conditioner the most.

Oversized equipment will also cause your comfort to be less than ideal, while having a shortened lifespan due to improper operation.

Not only might your utility cost increase with one or both circumstances you will likely be installing new equipment before long to make up for these mistakes. Because new equipment is selected according to what is best for your home, and not just what is available like used, it is the best option when replacing.


Warranties would be a big selling point for new equipment over used. It is very unlikely that any manufacture will cover equipment that has be installed in a different home. However industry standards typically cover the first year for all parts and labor as well as 10-20 years on major components of your heating and cooling equipment.

At Bryant we offer a 2 year guarantee on all Bryant Heating and Cooling equipment, so if you’re not happy with what we’ve installed let us know and we’ll work with you to give you back your money and coordinate getting a replacement installed. Try finding that with used equipment.


When installing a new furnace you have decisions to make about the efficiencies you want to consider. Often base equipment will run be as efficient as old high efficiency equipment. If you efficiency and reduction of energy costs are on your mind having options in efficiency is a plus. You may be able to find a highly efficient furnace used, but sizing and maintenance will most definitely play into just how efficient that furnace will operate for you.


This is where you are likely to find used equipment to come out on top. It is likely, if you have a way to get used equipment that you will be getting it for a cheap price. The question will be; will it satisfy your needs and will you be happy with the comfort it provides? If it doesn’t was it really worth the savings?


For most households, a new furnace or air conditioner is often the better choice. Even though a brand-new model will cost you more money upfront than a used one, your comfort level and utility bills will be worth it in the end.

If you’re in the market for a new furnace, contact Bryant Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical & Plumbing for a free estimate or check out our inventory options.