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Warm Winter Wish Stories

Community members were encouraged to submit nominations on behalf of neighbors, friends or family who were experiencing problems heating their home whether be a furnace with regular repair costs or a unit that is unrepairable. Nominees must live within Bryant’s service area of Lincoln and the communities within 50 miles of the capitol city.

Winter 2023-24 recipient


Susan’s Warm Winter Wish nomination came from her daughter, Ashley, as well as other family and friends. Having raised both her and her sister as a single parent, Ashley is forever grateful of what Susan has done for her throughout her life. After hearing about the Warm Winter Wish, and Susan’s  recent furnace issues, Ashley took the time to make her nomination. Read about Susan’s Warm Winter Wish.

Last Year’s Recipients


Edna’s home heating system has been an issue for the last couple of years. Last year the furnace was unable to keep the home and the basement area warm enough causing her water pipes to freeze. As a result she had water leaks that needed repair in several locations. Fast forward to this year, winter of 2022-23, Edna’s furnace stop heating during the coldest week we had experienced. Read More

Previous Years Recipients

Karin & Matt – 2021

Karin and Matt’s story is one of ongoing health issues which have stressed their family financially. Through everything they have made things work large in part to Matt’s hard work and keeping a positive outlook.

Karin has learned to live with a rare form of rheumatoid arthritis. Unlike many with the ailment her condition is not one of joint pain and mobility, however it has attacked her organs and causing surprises like a heart attack and other health concerns. Karin relies on multiple medications to control her condition which has caused much of the financial stress for the family. Read more

Amber – 2020

Amber’s Warm Winter Wish is a story of a young single mother working hard to provide a roof over her three children’s heads. Without any help in the form of child support, Amber works two jobs to make ends meet. On weekdays she works as a Nurse’s Aide at Madonna Rehabilitation, working 50-60 hours a week. On the weekends she works at the local gas station in Sterling, NE. Read more of Amber’s Warm Winter Wish.

Bob – 2019

As Bob’s friend Sue was driving listening to Froggy 98.1 she heard information about Bryant’s Warm Winter Wish. She took the first chance she had to pull over and submit a nomination for him there in her car. Living on social security Bob hasn’t had the money to invest in a new furnace after his home’s heating system was tagged unsafe the beginning of last year. Read more of Bob’s Warm Winter Wish.

Frank – 2019

Frank was nominated by one of his co-workers after she heard that his family has gone with a working furnace for sometime, three years to be exact. Many take for granted how nice it truly is to come home to a warm home. Bryant come up with the idea of Warm Winter Wish nine years ago to give back to our community and help those in the Lincoln NE area that have fallen on hard times. That is exactly our take on Frank’s family. Read more about Frank’s Warm Winter Wish.

Kim – 2018

Kim’s Warm Winter Wish story begins two very difficult years ago. Mike, Kim’s husband of five years, was diagnosed in early 2017 with terminal brain and lung cancer. For the next year their lives were filled with many trips between their Wilber home and Lincoln for Mike’s treatments. As Mike’s health deteriorated and the need for additional care became more evident, Kim decided to leave her job to provide the needed care. Unfortunately in March of 2018 Mike lost his battle with cancer and his passing left a large void in the family.  Mike had been a great stepfather for both of Kim’s sons, ages 14 and 17. Mike was also more than Kim’s partner in life; he was her “go-to” as he was handy with everything. Click here to learn more about Kim’s Warm Winter Wish.

Bernie – 2018

Click here to read more and listen to the call made to Bernie.

Stephanie – 2017

Stephanie is a selfless type of person by heart. Helping provide care for her aging aunt while continually helping two adult children through some tough times usually doesn’t reduce bills or the cost of unplanned home repairs. Stephanie has done her best to take good care of her home, but she had not planned for the recent issues with the home’s furnace or an eventual replacement. Click here to learn more about Stephanie’s Warm Winter Wish.

Diane – 2017

Three years ago Bryant Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical & Plumbing helped Diane and Don with a non-conventional Warm Winter Wish. Bryant had selected other recipients for their annual free furnace giveaway, but also provided free service and repairs to improve the operation of Diane and Don’s aging system. When Diane’s daughter, Amy heard the announcement that Bryant was accepting nominations for the 7th annual Warm Winter Wish she sent a nomination for her mother. Bryant team members remembered the name, remembered the circumstances and decided this year Diane would be awarded a new furnace. Click here to learn more about Diane’s Warm Winter Wish.

Mark & Jen – 2016

The first Warm Winter Wish of 2016 was one that broke the mold for Bryant. The Lincoln Journal Star published an article about a family in need on the first day Froggy 98.1 and 105.3 WOW FM began publicizing Bryant’s Warm Winter Wish nomination period. The family of Mark & Jen had their their world turned upside down the day after Thanksgiving. Click here to learn more about Mark and Jen’s Warm Winter Wish.

Marlin – 2016

When Bryant announced the 6th annual Warm Winter Wish Marlin’s nephew, Jordin, took the time to nominate his uncle. They family’s furnace had recently had an electrical malfunction causing the furnace to catch on fire. Major repairs were required to regain heat in the home, and additional part failures were to happen in the future. Click here to learn more about Marlin’s Warm Winter Wish.

Chelle – 2016

Multiple repairs to an older furnace can cause any homeowner to begin to wonder, “when will it fail again”? When a homeowner is forced to use funds for furnace repairs rather than for needed prescriptions the reliability of the furnace is a much greater worry. Chelle, who suffers from fibromyalgia, was definitely worried about the reliability of her furnace after major repairs were required in the 2016 heating season. Click here to learn more about Chelle’s Warm Winter Wish.

Linda & Loren – 2015

Linda and Loren’s home was without reliable heat in 2015 even after several repair bills. The family’s all electric system had several heating and air companies provide repairs of the system, but never fixing the issue and ultimately leaving them with a costly quote for additional repairs. Click here to learn more about Linda and Loren’s Warm Winter Wish.

Stacey & James – 2015

Stacey And James’ home was the second wish granted in Bryant’s fifth annual Warm Winter Wish. Bryant restored heat in the Lincoln home affected by the flooding rains of April 2015. All of Stacey and James Loos’ hard work could not prepare them for the financial challenge of losing their furnace. Click here to read more about Stacey & James’s wish.

Michelle – 2015

Michelle’s home has been without central heat for two years after repairs bills became too much. Adding salt to the wound, in November the hot water heater burst, providing yet another inconvenience for Michelle and her son. Click here to learn more about Michelle’s Warm Winter Wish.

Tara and Ryan – 2014

Tara and Ryan’s lives have changed dramatically due to Tara’s health. Just over a year ago Tara was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension, which affects her heart and lungs. Due to hole in her heart she experiences fatigue very quickly and causing what was before an easy task to be challenging. Tara’s medical expenses from doctors visits and medications are enough to overwhelm anyone. Click here to learn more about Tara and Ryan’s wish including the audio from their call from Bryant.

Jackie and Shawn – 2014

Jackie and Shawn’s family of five have been making due for the past two winters by heating their home with only space heaters after being told their furnace was not safe to operate. Jackie is unable to work due to the condition of her health. Click here to learn more about Jackie and Shawn’s wish including the audio from their call from Bryant.

Sharon and Chuck – 2014

Sharon and Chuck have gone two winters now without a working furnace. They have been using space heaters to warm the home since their old furnace was red tagged for safety reasons. Chuck suffers from Raynaud’s Disease, which affects blood flow to his fingers and is certainly not helped by the cold conditions in their home. Click here to learn more about Sharon and Chuck’s wish including audio form their call from Bryant.

Steven and Sandy – 2013

Steven and Sandy (Douglas, NE) – nominated by Wendy Tatro of Wounded Warriors Family Support. Steven Syslo and his wife have been using a wood stove to heat their home for the past 15 years. Now faced with the cost of purchasing wood, heating their home has become a financial strain on the couple. Click here to learn more about Steven and Sandy’s wish.

Jessica and Cody – 2013

Jessica and Cody (Lincoln, NE) – nominated by Rik Devney, principle of Huntington elementary. Jessica and Cody have experienced various setbacks, but with help from family members they purchased a home, however the home does not have central heating system and lacks duct work. The family of five would just about anything to stay warm including driving around in their van or visit department stores. Click here to learn more about Jessica and Cody’s wish.

Angie and Treves – 2013

Angie and Treves (Lincoln, NE) – nominated by Cindy McPherson, of Lincoln.
Treves and Angie’s wish is the third Warm Winter Wish granted by Bryant Air Conditioning & Heating this year. As Treves awaits a kidney transplant his health has caused him to rely on disability. Angie works hard to provide for the family, however they have not been able to fix or replace their faltering furnace. Click here to learn more about Angie and Treves’ wish.

A special thanks to Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems and Comfort Products for donating the equipment needed to make Warm Winter Wish happen. Bryant Lincoln would also like to thank Cornhusker Winnelson for the donation of Michelle’s water heater.