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Karin & Matt’s Warm Winter Wish

Karin and Matt’s story is one of ongoing health issues which have stressed their family financially. Through everything they have made things work large in part to Matt’s hard work and keeping a positive outlook.

Karin has learned to live with a rare form of rheumatoid arthritis. Unlike many with the ailment her condition is not one of joint pain and mobility, however it has attacked her organs and causing surprises like a heart attack and other health concerns. Karin relies on multiple medications to control her condition which has caused much of the financial stress for the family.

Matt has continuously held two jobs to support his family and ensure they are able to make ends meet. Just has the couple mentioned they felt they were getting to a good spot financially their furnace went out and needed replaced. With the costly replacement in front of them they once again did whatever it took to make things work. Thankfully they were able to temporarily repair the furnace, however it was unable to fully heat the home on cold winter days. On these days space heaters were used to keep the home comfortable.

Upon reading the nomination that was submitted for Karin and Matt the team at Bryant knew they needed to consider them for a new furnace. Upon making a house visit the team found that they not only had an old furnace that was failing, but had an air conditioner that had also failed along with a water heater that needed replacing as well. The Bryant team made contact with their partners at Comfort Products Distributing and Cornhusker Winnelson to make this years’ Warm Winter Wish more than a furnace replacement.

Bryant replaced Karin and Matt’s furnace, air conditioner and water heater within the week of notifying them they had been selected as Warm Winter Wish recipients. As you will see in the pictures below the water heater tank had been slowing leaking, causing the base of the furnace to rust out. If not replaced the family would most definitely had to deal with another unwelcomed surprise when the water heater completely failed.

After meeting Karin and Matt there was one thing that really stuck with the Bryant team. When asked how their family has kept such a positive outlook through everything Karin answered, “Happiness is a choice”. We could tell they’ve continued to make that choice day after day. Hopefully the Warm Winter Wish we’ve granted helps bring happiness and comfort to their home for year’s to come.

Bryant would like to thank all those who helped with this years’ Warm Winter Wish: Comfort Products Distributing (donation of furnace & air conditioner), Cornhusker Winnelson (donation of water heater), Froggy 98.1 and KLIN (communications & publicity).

Watch Bryant along with the Froggy Morning Crew surprise Karin & Matt

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