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Is My Home Setup for a Water Softener?

Are you fed up with hard water in your home? Wondering if you can add a water softener to your home? Bryant can help. Your house may be setup or pre-plumbed for a water softener without your knowledge, making the installation of a water softener easier.

Identifying If Your Home Was Plumbed for a Water Softener

Water Softener Lincoln NE | Plumber Lincoln NE | Water Softener Installation You may find a loop like this in your mechanical or utility room. This loop serves a purpose. This picture happens to be from a home Bryant’s plumbing department installed a new water softener in. That loop of plumbing pipe was a sign that this home was plumbed when it was built for a softener to be installed in the future.

This loop means that most typically water faucets in the home that should be exempt from soft water have been considered and the plumbing was designed with this in mind. Typically these would be the cold water on outdoor spigots, and sources of drinking water or ice makers.

New Water Softener Lincoln NE | Plumbing Contractor Lincoln NE

Not all pre-plumbed loops are this easy to spot, so if you don’t see a copper loop hanging down like this don’t assume your home isn’t already setup. Our plumbers have found it’s pretty common to find a home to be prepped for a water softener if it was built in the 90s or later, however there are still exceptions. Our plumbers have come across the occasional home built in the 70s that was setup for soft water too.

What If My Home Isn’t Already Setup for a Water Softener?

If your home isn’t setup for a water softener that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a water softener. Bryant offers free estimates and is happy to send out an expert to take a look at your home and figure out the best way to provide your home with soft water. A plumbing estimator will work with you to find the best location for the softener and the best way to install it to provide the most benefit.

Homes with unfinished basements obviously make changes to a home’s plumbing and providing soft water to the ideal locations easier. If you have a finished basement or portions the basement are finished more planning may be needed, but it doesn’t mean soft water can’t be accomplished.

Look to Bryant

As a home owner you don’t have to be an expert in soft water. You just have to know what you want and Bryant can take it from there. We’re here to figure out the right size softener for your needs and water usage. If you are thinking about adding a water softener to your home, contact the plumbers at Bryant Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical and Plumbing and ask for a FREE estimate.