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Is Geothermal Right for Me?

Geothermal Heat Pump Installation Lincoln NE | Lincoln NE Geothermal ContractorMany have a misconception that geothermal heating and cooling can only be installed in homes with large amounts of land or acreages. With the use of a vertical closed loop system homes within the city can take advantage of the efficient heating and cooling provided by geothermal heat pumps.

Geothermal Savings

Although geothermal heating and cooling is a greater initial investment than traditional air-to-air heating and cooling systems, the monthly energy savings often pay for the difference in cost quicker than most homeowners expect. If you are building a new home you will likely find that your monthly savings equal or exceed the cost built into your mortgage payment. Geothermal is also a great investment for those who plan to stay in their home for some time. Not only is geothermal the most efficient heating and cooling option available today, the equipment is installed located out of the elements allowing for greater longevity.

Geothermal Energy Incentives

Due to geothermal heat pumps extreme efficiency they qualify for various energy savings incentives. Currently geothermal heating and cooling systems qualify not only for Lincoln Electric Systems and Norris Power District rebates, but for a 30% governmental tax credit as well. Call Bryant Lincoln for a free estimate today!