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How to Manage High Humidity in the Bathroom

Control High Humidity Your Bathroom

Whether you are looking to reduce the moisture build up in an existing bathroom or ensure the bathroom you’re building stays free of mold and mildew issues with proper ventilation. Here’s what you need to know.

The Importance of Bathroom Ventilation

Ideally the best way to resolve high humidity in a space is to remove the source of humidity. Unfortunately when it comes to your bathroom that isn’t an option. So, what do you do when every five minutes of showering produces one-half pint of bathroom moisture?

The humidity must be vented out of the room to keep damage to your home from happening. Excess bathroom humidity can cause:

Woodwork and framing rot
Carpet/flooring damage
Drywall damage
Mold and mildew growth and damage

Overtime damage done by excess moisture can become very costly to repair, but can be easily avoided with proper ventilation.

Installation of Exhaust Fans

Over time information is gathered and changes are made to the rule of construction also known as local codes. Local codes are in place to protect your home and those living there from future safety issues.

If you own an older home you may have an exhaust fan already installed in your bathroom(s). The question may be however where is the humidity from your bathroom being vented to? Some older homes may have a bathroom venting to another room or into the attic space. Unfortunately this does not meet code and for the sole reason that these vents are not resolving the issue, only redirecting the issue to another place. Simply removing the humidity from one place in your home to another within can still cause major issues which in some cases are out of sight. When out of sight the issue can go unnoticed until it becomes a serious issue.

If you are building a new bathroom in your home keep in mind that current codes require the installation of an exhaust fan. This is not required to be a pain in the process, but to protect your investment and your health.

Properly Installed Exhaust Fans and Ventilation

A simple exhaust fan can save your bathroom and much more. When properly installed an exhaust fan will vent the indoor humidity out of your home. This can be out through the roof, side wall or soffit. The shortest route to the outside is typically the best solution, but depending on your home’s setup you may have options. Consulting a heating, ventilation and air conditioning expert like Bryant is wise to come up with a plan. They can also assist you with selecting the proper size of fan for the job.

Why is Fan Size Important?

Bigger is not always better. You’ve heard that before when it comes to HVAC right? Well it is true again with bathroom ventilation. A larger fan will typically make more noise and may exhaust more air than necessary. Sizing the fan with the only goal of quiet operation may find you installing a fan undersized for the job. Take the time figure out the right size for your space or consult the HVAC experts at Bryant. They can also look at options that take a more inline fan approach providing plenty of ventilation while removing the fan from the bathroom into your attic space, making things quieter.

More Than an Exhaust Fan

If you have a bathroom that doesn’t have an exhaust fan currently, but have a ceiling light a light/fan option could be right for you. These combo products work well and reduce the work necessary to properly vent your space. Some planning will be needed to find the final exhaust point, but the location of unit is easy. You can also install a combo unit that provides an electric heat option. If you’re one that wants additional heat in the bathroom but only from time to time these units are great options that won’t take up space like a space heater.

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