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Meet Your Bryant Estimator

Pledges From Your Estimator
First of all, I’d like to thank you for thinking of Bryant for your upcoming project. In addition to pledges below, it is my priority to provide the best solution to match your comfort needs.
  • I will treat you, your family, and home with the utmost respect.
  • I will propose and design a system specifically tailored for your family’s year-round comfort and will maximize your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Both myself and Bryant are committed to provide you 100% satisfaction.
  • By providing 100% satisfaction it is my ultimate goal to build long-term relationships with my clients, so that you will feel comfortable telling others about Bryant.

What To Expect From Your Estimator

  • I will give you a call when in route to your home.
  • Upon arrival, I will discuss with you the scope of the work to ensure a clear understanding or your project
  • After discussing your needs, I will want to see the locations where all desired work will take place, so that the necessary pictures and measurements can be taken for clear communication with our installation team.
  • After the scope of the work is discussed, photos and measurements are taken, I would like to discuss the various products Bryant offers that would be appropriate for your project.
  • I will preform a heat loss heat gain on your home to ensure proper sizing of your home’s system and comfort year-round.
  • After determining the proper size system for your home, I will provide a detailed proposal with your system options and enhancements offered by Bryant. (This is also a great time for me to address any further questions you may have)

We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a proposal for project and thank you for your time. We also encourage you to evaluate our proposal and company point by point against and competitors to ensure that your envisioned project is completed without surprises and on budget.


Our Process & Why We Do It

We use an industry proven heat loss and heat gain to size your equipment. Why?

  • “The size of a heating or cooling system will determine not only its ability to heat or cool your home, but also the size of your energy bills. Oversized cooling systems can be noisy, provide inadequate thermal comfort, and lead to mold and poor indoor air quality—while costing too much.”
    “Insist that your contractor use the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual J to calculate the proper size of heating and cooling equipment.”
    Source: US Department of Energy, "Guide to Home Heating and Cooling"
  • "To be sure of correct sizing, choose a contractor who agrees to take the time to calculate heating needs using an industry standard calculation, such as found in the Air Conditioning Contractors of America's Manual J. Such calculations take into account the climate, along with the house's size, design, and construction."
    Source: Consumer Reports, "A guide to choosing furnace sizing, efficiency and features"
  • "Determining the load by using rules of thumb almost always leads to an over-sized heating and cooling system, resulting in an increased initial cost, increased monthly utility bills, increased maintenance, and shortened equipment life because the equipment cycles off and on too frequently. "
    Source: ASHRAE, "Choosing the Right System for Your Home"

Why We Use Nitrogen During Installation

  • Using nitrogen during installation prevents oxidation from forming within your refrigeration lines that can lead to poor system performance. "It is food practice to purge an inert gas such as oxygen free nitrogen to prevent oxides (scale) forming on the inside of the pipe."
    Source:, "Designing Out Leaks: design standards and practices"