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Edna’s Warm Winter Wish

Edna’s home heating system has been an issue for the last couple of years. Last year the furnace was unable to keep the home and the basement area warm enough causing her water pipes to freeze. As a result she had water leaks that needed repair in several locations. Fast forward to this year, winter of 2022-23, Edna’s furnace stop heating during the coldest week we had experienced. The only air that was produced was cold. Edna and her little dog, Romeo, huddled under blankets until the outdoor temps rose and the furnace began running again. As you can imagine Edna was worried she would have to deal with frozen pipes again.

Edna was nominated by Jean who is Edna’s Care Manager through Aging Partners. She has known and worked with Edna since 2013. Jean understands that every home repair is not easily manageable for Edna who’s sole income is her Social Security. Because of this Jean nominated Edna for Bryant’s Warm Winter Wish in hopes that her failing heating system might be replaced with new reliable furnace.

More About Edna’s Heating and Cooling System

Edna’s current system is a paring of a electric furnace and air conditioner. This combination is not idea when speaking of the utility bills. Typically homes that are completely electric systems have a heat pump system paired with the electric furnace or air handler. Heat pumps help produce reliable heat for much of the heating season at much less cost from your electric provider. Bryant will not only be installing a new, more reliable electric furnace but will also be replacing the air conditioner with a new heat pump so that Edna’s heating bills will be more manageable. Due to Edna’s mobility issues it is difficult for her to get to the basement. We understand generally the only time the furnace filter is changed is once a year during the free furnace checks provided by a winter readiness program through Aging Partners. To ensure a dirty filter won’t damage her new HVAC system Bryant will also be installing an Aprilaire filter system which has filter that only require once a year replacements.

Special thanks to Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems and Comfort Products Distributing, helping Bryant Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical & Plumbing warm hearts while heating homes this winter.

Photos from Edna’s Furnace Installation

Thank you to Lee and Jorden for their hard work installing Edna’s new heating and cooling system.