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Chelle’s Warm Winter Wish

Chelle was selected as the third Warm Winter Wish of the 2016 program. A malfunctioning furnace is a something many of us can pay to fix, and have the means plan for the future should replacement be the next step. For Chelle who is on a fixed income due to disabling health issues even the smallest repairs can provide challenges.

Multiple repairs to an older furnace can cause any homeowner to begin to wonder, “when will it fail again”? When a homeowner is forced to use funds for furnace repairs rather than for needed prescriptions the reliability of the furnace is a much greater worry. Chelle, who suffers from fibromyalgia, was definitely worried about the reliability of her furnace after major repairs were required in the 2016 heating season. These repairs were a significant blow to her fixed income causing her to pay for them with money meant for needed prescription refills. Knowing of Chelle’s worries and financial situation her sister, Becky, nominated her for Bryant Warm Winter Wish hoping Chelle’s furnace issue could be resolved.

When Bryant visited Chelle’s home and explained she had been nominated for the a free furnace through Bryant’s Warm Winter Wish her furnace worries were gone.

The Call To Chelle

Listen in as the Kevin along with Lester from 105.3 WOW FM call Chelle to inform her that she will be receiving a new furnace from Bryant.