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About Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems

Geothermal Contractor Lincoln NE | Geothermal Heat PumpsThere are various ways to heat and cool your home. Many have considered geothermal heat pumps due to their many benefits. Although geothermal systems are truly an investment, they are very much a great option to consider if you are looking for durable, effective and an efficient option for your home. If you would like to know more about geothermal heating and cooling systems, just keep reading.

Geothermal Works in Any Climate

Geothermal systems are heat pumps, meaning they can both heat and cool your home. While air-source heat pumps pull heat from the air during heating season and release heat during cooling season, geothermal systems utilize the consistent temperatures of the earth to complete this process. This makes them much more efficient than air-source systems.

The subsurface temperatures in the ground usually remain consistent, whether the season is summer or winter. On average, the temperature even 10-15 feet underground stays in the range of 55-70 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows geothermal to be a great choice for just about any climate.

In colder climates, the system absorbs heat from the ground and turning it into the heat you need for your home. In hotter climates or cooling season the unwanted heat in your home is displaced into the cool ground. Because the ground is cooler than the outside air, this makes geothermal systems more efficient at cooling than air-source systems.

Different Geothermal Applications Available

When choosing your geothermal system, you will need to consider whether a closed or open-loop is best for your home. Closed-loop systems are more common, and use a glycol anti-freeze liquid in the loop system for efficient heat transfer. The loop system is the same whether in cooling or heating mode. As the liquid travels down into the ground it either absorbs the heat from the earth during heating season or releases the heat during cooling season. Whichever mode the liquid return a more moderate temperature.

The advantage to a closed-loop system is that a well source is not required. When a vertical loop system is used the space required is less than many assume is needed. An open-loop system, often called pump-and-dump, uses water instead of an anti-freeze liquid. Not only is a water source required a separate location is required to dump the water once it has run through the system.  In Lincoln NE pump and dump are no longer allowed to run off of the city’s water system, to utilize this style of geothermal system well water source is needed.

If a larger water source is available near by a closed-loop or pond-loop can be submerged to utilize the efficient heat transfer characteristics of water. These loops can be either in the form of coiled up well loops or heat transfer plates. The pond must be large enough to ensure that the water source doesn’t freeze and adversely affect the heating ability of the geothermal system.

Geothermal is Durable and Efficient

Wind, sun, and rain can quickly wear down anything outside, including your HVAC system. Since the geothermal system is inside the home and the loops are commonly underground, they have protection from the elements, which allows them to last longer with little maintenance.

This makes geothermal systems a great investment. While the initial cost of installation is more than that of an air-source system, in the end you will save money. Not only do you save money on fewer repairs and maintenance, but the system should nearly last the lifespan of two air-source air-source heat pumps, traditional furnaces, and central air-conditioning system.

Any heat pump is an energy-efficient option, but geothermal systems are particularly energy-efficient because they use the ground instead of their air. In other words, you save money each month on heating and cooling, which allows you to recoup some of that initial investment.

Geothermal heat pumps are a great investment for anyone who wants a low-maintenance and highly efficient heating and cooling solution. Thanks to their use of the subsurface, these systems last longer and are more efficient at absorbing or dispersing heat. If you would like to know more about geothermal heat pumps or other heating and cooling options, contact us at Bryant Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical & Plumbing today.