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5 Steps To Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Is Ready For Summer

Air Conditioner Maintenance Lincoln NE | Air Conditioning Repair Lincoln NE

It seemed like winter was never going to end this year, but believe it or not we’re in the clear. Now that Spring is officially here it won’t be long before we’ll be turning our HVAC systems from heat to cool. Here are 5 steps you should take to ensure your AC is ready to keep you cool this summer.

  1. Remove Your Condenser Cover
  2. Clean Out Leaves and Twigs From Your Air Conditioning Condenser
  3. Spray Down the Air Conditioner
  4. Give Your Air Conditioner a Test Run
  5. Call A Pro

Remove Your Condenser Cover

If you cover your air conditioner over the winter months, your first step to preparing for cooling season and starting up the ol’ AC is taking off the cover. Starting up the system with it on could cause major trouble. In fact we suggest if you are going to cover your air conditioning unit that you also turn off the power to the unit at the outdoor disconnect. This ensures that the unit can’t run until you’ve physically been out to take a look around it.

Clean Out Leaves and Twigs From Your Air Conditioning Condenser

If you didn’t cover your AC for the winter, it’s not a big deal, it just means you may have a little more clean up to do. Make sure to clean up leaves and twigs that are around or inside your AC unit. Even if you did cover your AC it’s probably a good thing to check anyway. It’s better to be sure than to assume and have sticks damage the blades of the condenser fan.

Spray Down The Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Repair & Service Lincoln NE | Heating and Air Conditioning Lincoln NEGet any leftover cottonwood pollen, dirt or other build up off the air conditioner coil so it can efficiently disperse the heat from your home when the time comes. Take out your hose and spray around the unit working your way from the top down getting the fins clear of anything potentially clogging up the condenser. If you can spray from the inside as well, getting the coil clean from both sides. This usually requires removing the top of the unit though and may be more of a task than some homeowners care to do. Be sure not to use too much pressure when spraying. Using too high of pressure can damage the fins around the coil.

Give Your Air Conditioner a Test Run

Once you’ve completed the other items above your ready to give your cooling system a test run. This is best done when temps are at least in the 60s, but can be done before you may normally turn on the AC. Turn your thermostat to cool and adjust the set point low enough for the air conditioner to turn on. Let it run for a bit and check the airflow from the vents. If it’s nice and cold, you’re in business. If you feel like the air isn’t all that cool, it may be time to call a pro.

Call a Pro

There are various reasons to call a pro when it comes to air conditioning. We hope these step will help you avoid finding your air conditioner isn’t working on the first hot day along with many others. If you sense your air conditioner isn’t working right give Bryant a call. Our tech work quickly to find the source of the issue and provide the air conditioning repairs needed to get your home back to comfortable.

If you’re system was limping along at the end of the year and you know it’s time for an air conditioning replacement, Bryant provides free estimates. Our estimators work to find a system that best fits your needs while knowing what rebates and special offers might be available to get you the best offer.

You can also schedule a time for Bryant service department to thoroughly check your AC or get a free estimate for replacement online by completing our contact form. Bryant is here to help you stay cool this summer.