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5 Key Elements of an HVAC Installation Quote

Heating and Air Replacement & Installation Quote | Lincoln HVAC ContractorWhether you’re seeking a heat pump, central air unit, or furnace installation, one of the first steps of the installation process is a professional quote. A heating and air conditioning professional will visit your home, inspect the area, and take measurements near the installation site and of the major components of the system.
Learn about five key elements to expect in your installation quote. With so many options, brands and information, it can become overwhelming, but breaking down the elements and knowing what to expect can make the process easier. If there is information you are not sure about ask the HVAC representative(s) you have asked for quotes to clarify, if the company is worth selecting to complete your project they will take the time to ensure you understand the information provided.

1. Inclusive Project Cost

Every company has a different process, but it’s important you understand the total cost of your project. When you receive a quote, the total price may be the first thing you focus on, but that cost isn’t or shouldn’t be calculated on a whim. The complete costs will include the labor, parts needed, and little costs like disposal fees and required permits. Every installation is different, so your quote may go beyond just a single price. In the event optional equipment or services are provided, you may see those broken out as well. Depending on the scope of the project there may be multiple equipment options that would fit you need. In this case good, better and best options will be provided. The full quote will help you budget and ensure you don’t have any vague or surprising costs once the project is complete.

2. Installation Timeline

Besides money, another part of the quote or discussion will include the installation timeline. As you plan out access to your home, you may need to take time off work or ensure kids and pets are out of the house. An estimator will often provide an installation timeline. The timeline will include the estimated duration of the installation and the possible start date. Along with the start date, you can find out which days the company’s schedule has available. You many just be concerned with the soonest date available or be looking for a specific day of the week. The timeline element is a key planning part of the installation.

3. Financing Options

As you budget and plan to pay for your installation, financing options can make a difference. HVAC pros may have partnerships with financial institutions who can help cover the costs of the installation. Check out all the financing options available. Some options may include no-interest financing for a set period of time.

If you need an extended payment plan, you may find special packages with reduced rates. Through the quote, you can help lock in some of the financing options and apply to see if you’re qualified before moving forward with the project.

4. Product Guarantees & Warranty

Another important part of the quote is the product guarantees and warranty. The quote will include the specific pieces of equipment set for installation in your home. Each piece of equipment will come with specific manufacturer guarantees. The warranty of the installation is typically one year from installation date, which is covered by the HVAC contractor. This makes selecting a reputable company to do the work that you can trust a must. The quality of the work is key, but the willingness to answer the phone and resolve any issues speaks volumes.
You can also look into the details for the warranty. Some equipment options may have special warranty options offered through the contractor or the manufacturer. There are also extended labor and parts warranty coverages that can be offered when interested.

5. Home Damage Guarantees

One key element to look for in the quote is a guarantee from the HVAC contractor that your home will remain protected and covered. Technicians will potentially carry large equipment through the inside and around the exterior of your home. The contract will cover any damages to the lawn, walls, or floors of your house.
When requesting a quote is the time to ask about the process the company uses to prevent damage and the procedures that take place if damage does occur.

Contact Bryant to set up a quote appointment today. You will know exactly what you pay for and can properly plan the various projects for your home.