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Should An Air Conditioner and Furnace Be Serviced Every Year?

Air conditioner repair and service Lincoln NE | heating and cooling lincoln neShould a furnace or air conditioner be serviced every year is a question many homeowners ask and it’s not an easy one to answer. Why? Because the right answer is really it depends. Depends on what? Various things and we’ll go through them in this post.

To start it’s very important that it is mentioned that all manufacturer’s stance on this question is yes, in fact taking care of your heating and cooling equipment with regular maintenance is a requirement to ensure a valid warranty should you have a failure while the equipment is covered. If well maintained there is little argument for the reason of the component failure and if it should be covered by said warranty.

It would be very hard for any technician to answer this question without having any kind history with your furnace and air conditioner. Without having some direct experience of servicing the equipment it will be hard to tell potentially how well each homeowner takes to heart the simply, but important takes they have as a homeowner. Some things a technician will need to assess about care of the equipment are: Are filters changed regularly? Does your condenser coil of your AC get plugged up often? Are there rodents that like to build nest in your equipment? Do you experience electric surges?

These are all things that can play into the condition of your system. Changing, or not changing, the air filter can really effect how your system operates. Every home produces dust and that dust will end up in the ductwork. The key is to keep that dirt and dust from getting into your furnace cabin and blower fan. That is the job of the filter and if using a good quality filter and keeping up on replacing those filters you can keep your system clean. Filter systems like an Aprilaire filter system makes this easier, it’s a great filter system and the filters last up to 1 year, easy right?!

Some homes are in areas where cotton wood trees pollen and dust really clogs the condenser coil and needs to be sprayed out every year if not twice a year. This can be done by the homeowner, but some just would rather leave that up to a trained technician.

So much of the durability of your heating and air conditioning equipment relies on the electrical components. Something that can fail at any moment. However thorough maintenance of a system will often catch signs of potential issues and allow fixes to be made to keep a small issue from becoming a large problem. Believe it or not high end equipment often require greater upkeep than base equipment. Why? there are usually more bells and whistles on higher end equipment. This also means it is more important that the system is calibrated to run smoothly, not to mention it is a greater investment which provides greater reason to keep well maintained.

If you’re the type of homeowner that likes to roll up your sleeves annual service of your heating and air conditioning equipment may not be necessary. We know one thing is for certain if you want to ensure your heating and equipment is running optimally and reduce the risk of failure regular/annual maintenance by a trained service technician is the safest way. There is a reason manufacturers require regular maintenance, because it flat out works.

If you need regular maintenance of your home’s furnace and air conditioner contact Bryant to set up a scheduled maintenance. If you would like to learn more about Bryant’s annual maintenance you can read about it on our website.