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Perks of On-Demand Hot Water Heaters

On-Demand Hot Water Heater Installation Lincoln NE | Tankless Water Heater Contractor

How nice would it be to have unending hot water when you need it? That’s where an on-demand water heater, also called tankless, comes in. Installing these very efficient water heating units have more perks for you as the home owner. Let’s look at just a few.

  1. Unlimited Hot Water
  2. Energy Efficient
  3. Less Space Required for Installation
  4. Combustion Control
  5. Ability to Abandon Chimney

Unlimited Hot Water

How many times have you been the last one in the house to take a shower and ran out of hot water part of the way through? Brrr! It might just be enough to make you steaming mad. Well there are options in water heaters. There are high efficient tanked water heater that will help your home’s hot water supply recover quicker or never worry about that again with tankless. On-demand water heater doesn’t have a tank that is used to supply your shower with hot water. It’s heating process is so efficient it is able to heat the water to the necessary temperature as the water flows through the heater, meaning as long as you have a water supply a tankless water heater can keep the hot water coming.

Energy Efficient

Because an on-demand water heater doesn’t have a storage tank it doesn’t have to continually ensure that water is at your set point temperature. The heater is only running when a faucet in the home requires hot water to reach your desired temperature. This doesn’t mean the hot water is instant the moment you turn on the faucet. Although there may be a slightly longer delay for hot water with tankless, there is a delay with all water heating systems, unless they are installed right at the point of need.

Less Space Required for Installation

As utility rooms become more and more cluttered the room available is becoming less and less. Most home owners try to maximize their home’s square footage and wish the utilities took up less space, on-demand water heaters can help with this. As efficiency requirements of water heaters increase tanked water heaters are becoming larger to allow for more insulation of the tank, tankless simply requires a wall to be mounted on. Your plumbing professional can help you select the perfect location for your tankless water heater.

Combustion Control

As mentioned before homeowners are continuing to make changes to their home to maximize space and the usefulness of the space. All too often when unfinished basements are finished there are important details skipped. To maximize the living space walls are built as close to the utilities as possible with the intention to keep them out of site and reduce any noise heard. If you have a gas furnace or water heater it will require combustion air. Simply put there must be enough air in the area so that when the heater turns on it will not cause back drafting. Back drafting can reduce the efficiency of the utility and more worrisome pull carbon monoxide back into your home. High efficiency furnaces and tankless water heaters can have combustion air piped directly from the outside your home to the unit resolving this issue and allowing for more sealing off of the utilities from the rest of your home.

Ability to Abandon Chimney

For some older homes the chimney or flue stack going out the roof of the home can become an issue after years of deterioration. If the flue must be replaced, although can be done, it may be a good time to look into exhausting through another location. Some homeowners will also think of this when having a new roof put on their home. The fewer penetrations through the roof the fewer chances you have for leaks, not to mention the number of issues Lincoln NE homeowners have experienced with poorly installed roofs and roofers removing and roofing right over the flue.

Are you interested in learning more about on-demand water heaters and if it would be possible to install at your home? Contact Bryant Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical & Plumbing’s plumbers. We provide free estimates and would be happy to answer any questions you have.