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Marlin’s Warm Winter Wish

Marlin is one of those people that goes out of his way to help a those in need. Which a large reason the team at Bryant felt he and his family was deserving of a Warm Winter Wish.

Marlin and his wife, Christina, may have been feeling the financial effects of Christina’s back issues, but that didn’t stop them from offering a helping hand to others. The couple opened their home to help Christina’s sister and brother-in-law, who had a new born requiring medical attention and regular trips to Children’s Hospital for treatments. Since the couple lived in more central to western Nebraska the cost of travel to and from appointments had piled up. Christina’s mother also had health challenges of her own she was struggling with, again the Bergmann’s opened their home to offer a helping hand.

When Bryant announced the 6th annual Warm Winter Wish Marlin’s nephew, Jordin, took the time to nominate his uncle. They family’s furnace had recently had an electrical malfunction causing the furnace to catch on fire. Major repairs were required to regain heat in the home, and additional part failures were to happen in the future. Nominating Marlin for Bryant’s Warm Winter Wish was something Jordin felt he could do to give back to his uncle who take the time and effort to help others.

Bryant selected the Bergmann’s as Warm Winter Wish recipients after visiting their home. During this home visit however, it was noticed that the home’s air conditioner was equally as old and could very easily be a burden for the family in the near future. As a result Bryant also replaced the air conditioner.

Hear From Marlin

Listen in as the Steve and Kevin along with the morning crew from Froggy 98.1 call Marlin to deliver the good news that he was selected as  a Warm Winter Wish recipient.