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Let Bryant show you the comfort and efficiency options available to you. Come see our equipment options in person at our showroom or ask for a free estimate.

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Seasonal Rebates Now Available! Learn how you can save on the purchase price of a new, money-saving, efficient heating and cooling system!

Cooling season is nearing 

Let’s Test The AC.

It’s only March, but we have ourselves an unseasonably warm days ahead. Who would have thought you could be thinking about opening the windows to enjoy the warm fresh air in March?!!

We’re not going to complain. But we will remind you to one thing before you go opening those windows, and that’s test out your air conditioner. Yep, you read it right, we want you to turn on your AC. If our weather gets into the 60s or even 70s as the forecast is predicting you can test out your air conditioning unit. Here are a few things to do when testing your AC…

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What’s the Right Filter?

During your search for the right filter for your home you could spend a lot of time in the filter aisle reading labels and trying to make sense of all the information listed. What you’ll find is various ratings listed to explain efficiency and lists of what each filter will capture. What you won’t see is the amount of airflow restriction a filter will have. Increasing airflow restriction is not good for your heating and cooling system. Hopefully this article can help you identify what is best for you and your home.

What is MERV?
MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values) is the most common rating used to compare the efficiency…