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Electric Overload

How many electronics do you have in your home? For many the answer has grown significantly in recent years, so much so that you may be lucky to keep track of them all. Think of this, although Lincoln is a growing community and new homes are built every day, there are many homes in Lincoln built before our reliance of electronics was so drastic. How does an increased number of electronics affect older homes? Here are a few common signs issues may be present and what they mean.

Circuit Breakers Tripping

A tripped breaker usually means there’s an excessive load on the circuit. As mentioned above, older homes weren’t wired to handle the large number of electrical devices many homes have today (multiple TV sets, VCRs, phone chargers, etc.). With so many electronics plugged in, simply turning on a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer can cause a breaker to trip. Other possible reasons for a tripped breaker are is the breaker itself is getting weak from use, or worse a more serious problem such as a shorting wire.

What’s the fix? A new circuit may be needed to divide up the load on the existing one, or it may be as simple as replacing the breaker, or locating a short in your wiring. Whatever the solution it’s best to have your panel checked out by a qualified electrician to determine there isn’t an unsafe condition.

Lighting Contractor Lincoln NE | Lincoln NE Electrical Contractor“Popping” Light Switches

When turning on a light switch, do you hear a “pop” coming from the switch? That noise is usually caused from a large amount of lighting load. It could also mean that the switch is getting worn out. Fixes for this are usually simple, changing out the switch to a heavier duty one should correct the problem.

Dimming Lights

If your lights dim while using the vacuum or a space heater it can mean that the circuit isn’t heavy enough to handle the load. It could also mean that there is a problem in the panel such as a bad neutral connection. Again our best suggestion to resolve this issue is to have your panel checked out by a qualified electrician. It’s best to ensure there aren’t any problems with your connections.

Fall Plumbing Check List

Most have welcomed the fall temperatures and many of the activities and traditions that go along with it. Remember as the days’ high temps become milder, the lows begin to creep lower and lower as well. Here are some things we remind you to check off your list as we go through fall and the temperatures inch closer to freezing so your home is protected for winter.

Outdoor FaucetFirst make sure outside faucets (silcocks) turn off correctly and do not drip. Unhook all hoses from silcocks. Help your garden hoses last longer by storing it out of the winter elements. First make sure outside faucets (silcocks) turn off correctly and do not drip. Unhook all hoses from silcocks. Help your garden hoses last longer by storing it out of the winter elements.

Your faucet may require minor tightening of the packing nut or replacement of deteriorated rubber parts which is much less expensive than the result of leaving the faucet dripping. Now is also a good time to think about changing out old faucets for a frost free silcock. Our Bryant plumbers would be happy to help in any way you need.

SprinklerLastly, drain down your sprinkler system and make sure the shutoff valve is working  properly. Check these things off your to-do list and you’ll have less worries this winter and next spring.

Does Your Furnace Do More Than Heat?

Although most new homes are all electric by design there are many homes in Lincoln and surrounding areas that rely on gas utilities for heat. If you have a gas furnace in your home, whether it be natural gas or propane, your furnace could be doing more than heating your home. What do we mean? Any time a fossil fuel is burned a byproduct produced by the process is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas which claims the lives of over 400 Americans each year according to the CDC.

This is one reason to have your furnace inspected every year along with ensuring your home is equipped with a carbon monoxide detector on each floor of your home.

Bryant’s Service Plans for More Than Efficiency

Combustion Analyzer TestWe strongly suggest servicing your heating and cooling equipment once a year to extend the life of the system and to ensure peak performance. Although a furnace is simpler than your air conditioner or heat pump there are plenty of parts to go bad. Having your system serviced can catch signs of deterioration in those parts, saving your system from failure.

Bryant’s service plan also protects your health checking to ensure carbon monoxide is correctly exhausted out of your home. Bryant technicians are equipped with the tools, like the combustion analyzer, to provide the most accurate scientific way to check the safety of your furnace’s heat exchanger. The result, safer homes and fewer false positive tests.

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