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Are Tankless Water Heaters the Right Choice for You?

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When it’s time to replace your water heater, one option you may come across is a tankless hot water heater. Instead of keeping a tank of water hot until you need it, tankless hot water heaters warm your water on demand.

These types of water heaters are very energy efficiency. Since they provide an endless stream of hot water, multiple people can shower one after the other without the hot water running out.

In many cases, a tankless hot water heater is a smart choice for your home. However, there are a few situations in which you may be better off sticking with a traditional, tank-style unit. Below, we’ll tell you why tankless water heaters are usually a better option and when you may need to go with a tank heater instead.

When Is a Tankless Water Heater a Good Choice?

Most homeowners who want tankless water heaters also want to save money on their energy bills and benefit from endless hot water. Consider installing a tankless water heater if the following circumstances describe you or your home.

You Are Short on Space

Tankless hot water heaters usually measure about 28 x 20 x 10 inches, so they take up far less space than a conventional water heater. If you want to finish your basement or hall closet without worrying about a water tank taking up space, a tankless heater is a good solution.

You Don’t Mind Paying More Upfront to Save More Later On

You’ll have to pay more to install a tankless water heater than you would a tank-style water heater. However, your energy bills will be lower in the long run since you won’t be paying to keep water warm when you’re not using it. If you have the money to invest up front, buying a tankless heater will keep your energy bills in check month to month. 

You Only Use a Few Appliances That Require Hot Water at the Same Time

Tankless heaters can supply an endless flow of hot water, so the whole family can take back-to-back showers without the water getting cold. However, the water heater can only supply so much hot water at one time.

You’ll probably be able to run the dishwasher and take a shower at the same time, but if you have hopes of using more than two appliances at once, you’ll either need to install two tankless heaters or stick with a tank-style heater.

When Might You Be Better Off With a Tank-Style Water Heater?

Although tankless water heaters are an excellent choice, they might not be right for every single home. Talk to your plumber at Bryant about your options if you identify with the following situations.

Your Home’s Electrical Panel Needs Upgrading

Electric tankless water heaters can require up to 150 amps to operate. Since this is an increase from a tank water heater, help from an electrician would be necessary. For some homes the necessary accommodations could make the conversion to tankless considerably more costly. Thankfully at Bryant our electrical department can help assess your home’s electrical service and any changes required. 

You Don’t Have a Backup Generator and Experience Frequent Power Outages

If you have a tank-style unit and the power goes out, you will still have hot water for at least a few hours until you either use the tank of water or it cools off. With a tankless unit, as soon as the power cuts off, you stop having access to hot water.

If you have a generator, you can connect your tankless heater to the generator and maintain your hot water supply, though this will require quite a powerful generator since tankless heaters draw a lot of power. However, in a place like Tennessee where storms and power outages are common, having a tankless heater without a generator may present some struggles. 

Talk to Your Plumber for an Expert Opinion

Before deciding whether a tankless water heater is a good choice for your home, think carefully about your lifestyle and preferences. If saving space, having a constant stream of hot water, and conserving energy are very important to you, then a tankless heater may be a wise choice. However, if having a tankless heater installed requires expensive electrical upgrades and means you’ll be without hot water in the event of a storm, you may want to reconsider.

Reach out to Bryant to learn more about your hot water heater options. We supply high-quality tankless and tank water heaters and can work on nearly any brand.