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Active Air Purifier | Cleaner Air Lincoln NE | UV Light

Active Air Purifier

The Dust Free® Active Air purifier utilizes unique technology to target indoor air quality issues within your home. Using environmentally-friendly oxidization and ionization systems your home’s air is purified safely and effectively. The Active Air system is effective at targeting air contaminants such as dust, pet dander, germs, VOCs, allergens, odors and more. Installing the Active Air into your HVAC system improves the air quality throughout your entire home not just a single area like stand alone devices.

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  • Removal of these air contaminants:
    • Cold & Flu Viruses
    • Bacteria & Germs
    • Dust, Mold & Pollen
    • Cooking Odors
    • Tobacco Smoke
    • Biological Growth
    • VOCs
    • Pet Allergens
    • Airborne Chemicals
  • 7-year power supply, 4-year core & 2-year lamp warranty
  • 24-volt power required


Warranty 7-year power supply, 4-year core & 2-year lamp warranty
Voltage 24V
Amperage Draw 1.4 AMPS


Average Lamp Life 2 year, 18,000-hours
Lamp Length 6 & 12 inch options